Dec 31, 2014

Aimp Shiki-Colors

This is a Skin for AIMP based on the Shiki-Colors style.

Included Skins:
- Shiki-Brave (blue with Gnome-Brave icons)
- Shiki-Human (orange with Gnome-Human icons)
- Shiki-Noble (purple with Gnome-Noble icons)
- Shiki-Wine (red with Gnome-Wine icons)
- Shiki-Wise (green with Gnome-Wise icons)

- Shiki-Tango (blue with Tango icons)
- Shiki-Tangerine (orange with Tangerine icons)

- Shiki-Gnome (brown with Gnome icons)
- Shiki-Cheser (blue with Cheser icons)

- Shiki-Elementary (blue with Elementary icons)
- Shiki-Humanity (orange with Humanity icons) 
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